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Bring energy self-sufficiency and ecological stewardship to your community. Contact us to become an early adopter.

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About HydroKite™

HydroKite™ delivers unprecedented performance for generating electricity from rivers, without damming or diverting these veins of life and arteries of commerce. Communities and organizations can be ecologically friendly and self sufficient while not increasing their cost of electricity.Learn more about the technology.

HydroKite™ Benefits

HydroKite™ provides affordable renewable energy self-sufficiency – it leapfrogs other renewable technologies by virtue of being less expensive, not needing storage and being able to meet consumer demand at anytime — PVs need storage for service at night and wind power is simply not available during wind droughts.HydroKite for your community or organization

HydroRun's Team

HydroKite™ is an all Canadian invention. It is being developed by a team of young and exceptionally talented engineers redefining the integration of robotics, controls, optimization of underwater crafts and power generation. Meet the Team